Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Instagram Healthy Food Diary.

So hi...

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have been posting all my meals lately. This is because I've started to use my instagram page as a way to track what I eat and keep a food diary. Along with this I've also been following weekly meal plans that I found from Weight watchers. I decided to do all this as I've struggled with my weight most my life, or as long as I can remember. When I was born, I was actually 2 months early and so was tiny when I came out. Doctors didn't actually think I would survive and I was kept in the hospital for a while. Because of this panic my parents told me they used to give me a lot of food and things so I would grow normally and okay. Well that worked a little too well, From junior school I was bigger and a little taller than most of the other children. And although everyone shot up in their height and I didn't I still have always been what I consider pretty big. I've tried a number of things before but I never seem to shift.

This has always cause a lot of insecurities for me and although now I don't consider myself to be obese or anything ( I'm size 14 comfortably in 90% of clothing) I'm still, like most people rather unhappy with my body. So I decided to revamp. I've changed a lot of my eating habits already in the past year. I rarely drink anything but water ( and usually have about 5 bottles of water a day) and I don't tend to have processed food as I've gotten into the habit of eating fresher at uni.(minus the odd takeaway)

These still haven't been able to shift the weight I want and so here I am. after that long super personal ramble, Telling the blogging world my plans. This way I feel I'll be much more motivated to keep up to the meal plans I'm following and more motivated to generally improve my fitness and health.
Feel free to follow me on my instagram page. I may start to post my weight loss or gain after another month or so.
I'm hoping to lose around 3 stone of weight. And I think this can be done healthily in around 4-5 months, Let me know your thoughts on that?

I've also lost 8/9lbs within the last 2 weeks already purely due to the fact I got a tongue piercing, making eating solid foods quite difficult, so I didn't eat at all for about 5 days apart from the odd yogurt and soup. As I was still keeping myself busy and active I'm guessing that's the reason for the weight loss but it's a head start I guess?

With any luck I'll be writing an update post to this one with happy news and much slender fingers!

Bit over personal today but is there anything you've struggled with that you want to or have changed?

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Much love guys!

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