Thursday, 14 May 2015

Make-up Revolution Haul Part 2

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Part 2 of my Make-up Revolution Haul today and this is a pretty small one, and it also has a little bit of a theme to it. All base related products aiming to improve mover all make-up application.

The first purchases I made is the Pro-face mini brush set. These are pretty adorable little face brushes. I went for the mini set purely because it was cheaper and I personally don't mind working with slightly smaller brushes. The brushes themselves feel lovely and soft and I now want a little candle holder or something to use as a little brush holder for them that can sit next to the bigger brushes.
As well as the mini set I also bought a normal sized brush. I bought the F101 Face brush, just because I don't really have any brushes I feel are really suited for foundation application and It's about time I got one, It's a pretty looking brush and feels super soft and if we get along I may have to purchase a few more brushes from Make up Revolution but we'll see.

The other two products I got are both dedicated to making my make-up last longer and hopefully look better overall. the Pro Fix Spray is something I've been wanting for a while, but so far it has always been sold out in Superdrug. I'm gutted to say that this product was leaking when it arrived so I'm missing half the product but I am waiting for a reply from Make up Revolution about this. But I'm really excited about using it. I also got thr Ultra all day prime and anti-shine balm which I have high hopes for, especially with the anti-shine part. I always feel like my face looks shiny, It's a major issue of mine and although it probably doesn't look anywhere near as bad as I think it's still an issue. So I'm hoping this product will lessen the shine factor and give me a few extra hours of wear for my make-up.

And those are the odd bit's I got in my huge Make-up revolution haul, The biggie is going to be in part 3 with the spring collection set.

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