Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Blogging everyday in May.

So hi..

I've seen around the interwebs at the beginning of May a few people deciding to blog or vlog (eg: lilly pebbles) everyday for the month of May. Now as someone who only posts 3 times a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I've never really considered doing something like this as I worry about ideas and posting just for the sake of posting. HOWEVER, I've been recently been doing really well with pre-planning and organizing on my blog, I've been good with writing my blog, having decent inspiration and keeping shizz scheduled. I had my posts planned for the whole month of may and still had a few ideas for what to do after. So I thought I'd challenge myself to blog everyday for a whole month. I've already been doing this pretty well so far and do have a lot of posts planned for the whole month. I'm also pretty proud with the posts, I don't feel like I've made up posts or random ideas just for the sake of it and they are posts I think will still hold some interest for readers.

So yeah, look forward to a whole bunch of posts from me this month.
Here are links to the posts so far!
May 1st: The Monthly Round Up: April
May 2nd: Summer Wishlist 2015
May 3rd: I Missed this day to due mourning a friend's passing.
May 4th: Duran-Duran Exhibition event.
May 5th: The Whole Make-up collection: Nails.
May 6th: The Loss of a Dear Friend.
May 7th: New Piercings! Life update.
May 8th: Topshop Lips
May 9th: Primark Haul!
May 10th: Potter Love!

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