Saturday, 10 May 2014

Collective haul! Primark, Select, Superdrug, Etc..

So hi...

I may have been doing a few bits of shopping over the last few weeks, when I had my operation and was house bound for a week I took it as an opportunity to order a few bits online, so i could have some happiness in the form of parcels at my door! As well as that I have been in to town a lot over the Easter holidays and picked up a number of bits and bobs which I thought would be nice to show all together in a collective haul of all the things I've got!

So For Easter I got a £20 mall voucher from my dad as he doesn't buy me and my sisters chocolate, So I went to primark to pick up a few home bits for my self, the thought of Uni and my own place has recently made my interest in homey bits increase dramatically!

While In primark I picked up a few candles, recommended by my candle obsessed mother who swore to me that despite the price they were actually scented when you burnt them. And they actually do, I preferred the small pots at £1 each as you can probably tell from the photo, but the bigger vanilla and coconut candle at £2 was very nice also. I've made a mental note to collect a few more of these soon. 
I also picked up some face clothes as I was lacking in them and primark was having a home sale event so they were only £1.50! nice.
On a separate trip I also picked up the much talked about, Garnier micellar cleansing water with some accompanying pads and oh my. 
This bottle has changed my make-up removing laziness and I like to use it to cleanse my skin after using my Soap and glory peaches and clean as the micellar water leaves my skin feeling fantastic, so glad I followed the raves about this product!
 This was a large group picture I took to show all the other its and bobs I've bought, Mostly through Easter presents and payday.
 On the beauty side of things I picked up a few primark nails, after being slightly disappointed with some a while back I decided to try again after hearing lily melrose praise them, I picked up an adorable strawberry set and a cute daisy set.
Making a visit to superdrug, which I possibly do way too often (opps) I was on the hunt for a nice smelling body butter, After using up the small tub of strawberry body butter from the body shop, I just knew I could find another nice smelling cheap one and oh boy I did. This cherry and macadamia body butter smells divine and cost only £2! brilliant.
Also on the hunter for a face primer which I have been needed for a while I picked up MUA's offering at only £3 Why not. I had previously wanted to try the maybelline baby skin pore eraser but could not justify the spending at all!
Lastly I went to lush, uncertain of whether i wanted to buy anything. I've wanted the bubblegum scrub for a long while now but as lush is pretty expensive, I never really had the spare money, however after a little chat with one of the ladies who always seems to serve me the few times i do go there I took the plunge and went for it. I'm happy I did, before using this my lips that been in awful condition and it was really bothering me, now they feel soft and lovely. (plus it tastes amazing...)
Also in the photo at the top of the post you may have noticed a lip product, after much debate I picked up a Tanya burr lip gloss in the colour 'Vampire kiss' but I'll be posting about that shortly
 On the fashion side of things, I may admit I am addicted to shirts and collars, my wardrobe is slowly being overtaken by them, But maybe that collection is a post for another time. The peachy shirt with the gorgeous black trim was a present from my mum, I do know she picked it up from select however, as I had been eyeing it up myself already.
 I myself picked up the other two items, with the mint green cami top at £6 from select, I got it as I feel my wardrobe is really lacking in layering items and I could do with a few simple basics added to it. The other top is a black shirt that is slightly cropped with an adorable peter pan collar, the material of this one is also a bit usual for a shirt, more stretchy but still very very comfy.
 This was a pretty simple purchase, I needed some more shoes and you can't go wrong with black plimsolls from primark, especially considering how cheap they are, as well as actually sturdy.
 This is a better picture of the things I got for Easter, the striped clothing item you see is a long sleeved dress, However in my eagerness to wear it I didn't get a better picture and it seems to have disappeared in the wash! darn. it was around £5 from primark ( yet again)
 Last but not least I got a new bag! this gorgeous browny-tan coloured satchel was only £9 from primark! can you believe it? £9! It's also very sturdy. Not at all thin of flimsy feeling like some bags you can find it primark, I've been using it for my college bag and it fits all my books in no problem. A bit more boringly I got some leggings as well as mine often seem to disappear in this house...

And that's all folks! quite a lot of stuff but I am rather happy with it all, I won't be able to do much more shopping anytime soon as large as what i've got here but It was nice to feel quite spoiled and do a lot of retail therapy

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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