Saturday, 26 April 2014

Primark make-up?

So hi...

Primark are not really the first brand you think of when you consider where to buy make-up but a few weeks ago primark had a little re-branding of their make-up range and released 'Ps. beauty', as a fan of trying new things and affordable make-up I bought a few bits to try which I have mentioned before and I thought I would come back with my thoughts.

Now the moisturizing lip crayons are my favourite, I bought 2, one in a red colour and one in nude and I absolutely love them, they are great for when I kinda can't be bothered for lipstick, I'm particularly fond of the nude colour because it does feel rather moisturizing and soft on my lips and added a nice bit of colour.

Apart from their lip crayons I've always quite liked their nail varnishes, with a small set of 4 for £2 how could I complain? the quality is rather decent, needs more than one coat but they do last a decent amount of time, I also like that the set are usually 4 different shades and types of one colour, I've got a set of reds and a set of blues with a light one, bright one, dark one and a glittery one. so for £2 I've got all the variety of red and blue nail shades I would need really.

Now I've already mentioned my experiences with Primark's liquid eyeliner and although I don't know if they have changed the formula since their re-branding, but it flaked quite a bit and I was not impressed much, their eye liner pencils of the other hand is rather standard and worth the £1 for 2 pencils.

Is there any other primark beauty or make-up products that you would suggest and have tried?

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