Saturday, 17 May 2014

Pamper Night.

So hi...

I think all girls have a set of products or a little routine they have for when they just need to unwind and relax in the bath, with this in mind I thought I'd show off my products and my little routine for a nice pampered bath time.

So these are typically all the products I'll typically use if I want a little paper evening, If i had a bath bomb I'd usually use one as well however I am currently out of bath bombs so maybe a visit to lush will be needed sometime soon!
While in the bath I tend to use my soap and glory sugar crush body wash, It's foamy and smells divine, I'll then use the body shop strawberry shower oil, I have a weakness for fruit smells when it comes to bodycare. when I paired the strawberry butter and shower gel, I lived in strawberry scent it was amazing. although cherry smell is just as nice. The restoring skin care oil from Superdrug I use after I've done everything else for my operation marks and I've been having issue with stretch marks near my operation scars which has been really hitting my confidence, So this oil has been helping a lot, plus it's a lot cheaper than bio-oil etc...

Once I'm finished in the bath, or shower, I tend to do my little face cleansing routine, with my Clearasil vitamins and extracts wash and mash, and I 'll leave that on for 6 minutes or so while I'll moisturize my body and put in my hair mask, I'll then use my peaches and clean cleanse from soap and glory followed by Nivea oil free moisturizing day cream.
So For moisturizing I used this cherry and macadamia body butter from Superdrug, this stuff smells SO good. And This hair mask which I'll use when my hair is feeling really lifeless, it does a pretty good job and my hair always lasts a little longer in terms of washing, As I tend to need to wash my hair almost everyday and it's very thick and gets greasy rather quickly, it's a giant pain.

And really that's it, not too many products but they do.

We'll talk soon lovelies!
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Much love guys!

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