Monday, 11 May 2015

Make up Revolution Haul Part 1

So hi...

It's another haul... I'm bad I know! but with student finance and only having 6 weeks at uni I have a lot of spare money which would usually be spent towards food that I treated myself with! ( Last 2 hauls: Superdrug and Primark) This is Make-up Revolution haul and as you can tell by the title, it won't be the only one! I've broken the haul up into three bits.
This part one is showing off the the #Liphug collections, I bought the Reds collection and the Nudes collection,
The Second part will be the odd other bits I've bought including some brushes! (Which will be up Wednesday 14th)
And the final third one is the little Spring collection deal which I bought which had a variety of products. (That'll be up Thursday 18th)
So a lot of hauls up for you guys, which I hope you don't mind, I personally love haul posts, they are quite possibly my favourite type of posts. Hopefully you guys like them too!
Anyway lets get on with it!

So The LipHug Collection include 5 lipsticks in each set and I believe there were 3 sets? I don't know but I remember seeing the nudes, reds and pinks in the sets. I got these two for £7.50 each down from £12.50 which is a pretty good price. The packaging is really pretty looking and so are the lipsticks, very sophisticated looking with the gold.

Left to Right: Saviour will come// I am ready! // Still missing my baby// Who we are!// To get lucky
So the Reds #liphug collection, The collection has a nice little variety of colours from true reds to very dark burgundy tinted colours, Pretty sure these 5 will be my go to for nights out this Summer.
Left to Right: Insatiable// I think you're amazing// When you came to me// Not giving up// Save me from yourself//
The nudes also have a nice variety in shades, I like that they are pinky toned manly as I have pinky natural lips so super pale nudes tend to wash me out a bit and end up looking like I have no lips, The colours are all super nice and I like the idea of wearing these on hot summer days where I'm not feeling to much make-up but want to look a little bit dressed up.

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Much love guys!

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