Saturday, 7 March 2015

Starting a Uni Scrapbook.

So hi...

I've always been the type of person that envied the cute little friendship scrapbooks I'd see people do or the creativity on Tumblr and in peoples diary's and work. SO when I seen Lilly Pebbles talk about the scrapbook she had done for the year of 2014 I got super motivated. I though that since I had just gone through a major change in my life ( aka uni) that it would be the perfect opportunity to start up my own little Uni scrapbook. 
 I got a load of free prints from various sites. Many photo sites will give you free prints when you sign up and then it's just a small postage fee, I got about 150 in total from two different places. I then picked up a number of cute little pieces from the nearby wilko. there are all relatively cheap, I think my favourite is the little ribbons. I also want to get some nice patterned washy tape soon. So far I've gotten most of the pages for 2014 finished, I'm thinking about showing a few of the completed pages once my first uni year has been finished. It's not a super flashy or creative scrapbook, but I'm proud of it and enjoy doing it.

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