Sunday, 8 March 2015

What Makes My Room Mine!

So hi...

When you make the jump to uni and with the majority of people, move into student accommodation, you find that every room is pretty bog-standard and basically the same. It's a very uncomfortable feeling moving into such a blank canvas of a room that has so many restriction of what you can and can't have. Because of this I feel it's important to have a few little home decor pieces to put your stamp onto your uni room and make it feel all that little bit more homely and comforting after a hard day of uni work. So with this in mind I thought I would show off the few little bits and pieces which a consider to show of my mark in my room and make it more cosy.

First these are the little pieces that are dotted around my desk and shelves. The Panda bag and C shape were gifts, given to me by fellow blogger Molly when we participated in a box swap. Since the swap was before uni it meant they could be immediately placed in my room as soon as I moved in and made it so much more 'me' The other two pieces were additions I bought myself from a local little home decor/ clothes store. It was a strange find as the store itself looks very badly presented and the clothes don't really seem to be for the younger audience, but me and my flatmates decided to have a little look and I found these two bits, The little heart sign says 'What I love most about my home is who I share it with' And was only £2. I bought this with my house for next year in mind as out of 4, I'm only fond of two of my other flatmates. but living with them and the friends next door is something I'm seriously looking forward to. The little wooden box was £3-4 and I love the cute simplicity of it, plus I say bits and bobs all the time so it fits.

 Th next little cosy addition is a rather recent purchase. It's a gorgeous fluffy little pillow that i picked up from primark for about £5 I think it was? Recently I've been dying to build up a cute little pillow collection to adorn my bed and this little beauty it the start of that collection as well as my planned center piece.
 The Rest of the additions that make my mark on my uni room are just the way I've chosen to decorate my room, I said yesterday how I got a load of free prints for the use f my scrapbook, however I also used a few to stick up onto my wall into a heart shape just above my bed, As well as to help decorate my uni board. As well as them I have little wristbands I've collected from nights out and events ( as well as the event t-shirt with my nickname- I don't know why it's that either) and my framed pictures of my football society photos. I absolutely love my board as it's the one place I can get away with sticking nearly anything up there without hassle.

If you're currently at uni what things do you have to personalized your room? and if not are there any favourite home pieces in your house that make it feel like home? 
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