Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter Pamper evening

So hi...

With how cold it's getting it's easy to feel a bit meh. So I feel like having regular pamper evening is necessary to keep myself content, the harsh weather also doesn't do well for the skin.
So here's a little show of what I do on those cold nights to chill out and relax.

First thing is first, Make up removal. I use wipes first ( I know I know, so sue me) Then comes out the Garnier Micellar Water to get off the rest of the make-up and grime off my face. After if I have an early morning I'll pop into the shower, I wish I felt more comfortable in the flat to use the bath but I feel like I'd be taking up too much time in the bathroom, so showers it is.

I tend to use the John Frieda frizz ease oil in my hair after moisturizing my skin and such ( I'm sure I've said before but I use the Soap and glory The righteous butter at the moment) I'll then put my clearasil vitamins and extracts wash and mask, followed by the soap and glory peaches and clean cleanser. the facey stuff is finished off by the newly added Bodyshop Moisture Surging Vitamin E cream. I got it at the recent event I attended at TheBodyShop. ( My first ever! read about it here)

All that business over with it's time to chill. hot chocolate seems like the go to drink for winter months, but I recently have been having a coffee and hot chocolate mix in my new giant Christmas mug I picked up from Poundworld. It's quite like a mocha and tastes lovely. It's also my way to get more into coffee for when I'm super tired and don't want to constantly drink energy drinks.

The rest of the evening is me grabbing my throw from primark, Getting cosy on my bed with my little fairy lights on and catching up on youtube. I'm really lovely a load of People's Vlogs at the moment. I've said before but vlogs are my favourite kind of youtube videos! Maybe just because i'm lazy.

How do you wind down in the cold winter evenings?
We'll talk soon lovelies!

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