Saturday, 24 January 2015

That Boots One.

So hi..

It's no secret that I am obsessed with boots, they are just the perfect shoes for me and you can find a boot to fit evvvery occasion, however due to poorness and wearing shoes out very quickly I've never had a little collection of boots to call my own, well my friends. Christmas and uni have changed all that. My little uni room now holds 6 gorgeous booties within it's walls and I thought I would show them off, Since they are presents mostly I can't exactly say prices etc sorry!

 New look in the sale £11

 Christmas Present.

 Birthday Present.

 Primark: £20

 New look in the sale. £16

Christmas present.

Aren't they all so pretty?? and I still want more (obviously) but at the moment I feel like i've got quite a nice varied selection.
What's your favourite style of shoes?
We'll talk soon lovelies!

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Much love guys!

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