Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Week Or So Of Make-up

So hi...

These posts are very much what it says on the tin ( or title) of me showcasing I suppose my make-up choices over a week (or so) I feel like this is a good way for me to experiment with my make-up and learn better ways to apply my make-up as well as show you guys the progress. This may go very well, or go very badly where I get super lazy in the mornings and stuff and end up not actually wearing much make-up, But we'll see, I have three or four looks for this week or so, I had 2-3 lazy days where I basically slept the day away.

And yeaah those are the little looks I went for over maybe 2 weeks? probably a little longer, that I remembered to photograph. If you want to know all the product details I could start listing them down but ya. 
Any tips on how I could improve my make-up or get a little more experimental?

We'll talk soon lovelies!

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Much love guys!

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