Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Break is over?

So... um hi
Long time no see, how ya all doing...

Yeah so it's been a while. around 4 months since my last post and it's now 2016 AND already February, whaaat?
Crazy right. Anyway I've had quite a long break, mostly due to restarting University for my 2nd year and trying to reorganise my life and a few personal struggles, but I'm finally feeling up to start over with blogging and getting stuck in.

I'm planning to do daily posts, with maybe one or two days gap a month, but since I'm a bit out of touch I won't be too strict on myself with that.
I'll also be less beauty orientated I think, not that I have always be strictly that, I'm a pretty big mixture of a person so I like to share that but previously worried that no one wanted to read about my other enjoyments. HOWEVER, I don't care now, I'll be writing because I want to, who wants to read posts that the writer clearly forced out anyway huh? it's usually obvious that this is the case as well.

I'm still a big beauty fan and I'm proving my make-up skills all the time but I've also gotten really back into drawing and want to share that and I'm exploring my cooking skills and fashion sense.
I also love lifestyle posts, that are probably my favourite to read and I enjoy writing them.

Have a happy Christmas selfie of my middle sister and I. Aren't we fab?

So yeah, it's all one big messy mish mash right now, but it's my mish mash.
Hope those of you, who previously followed me have stuck about!
It's nice to be back.
Thanks for reading!

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Much love guys!

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