Wednesday, 3 February 2016

2016 Goals!

So hi...

Yeah yeah I'm a month late I know. I wanted to share my new years drawing as well, even if it's late!.

This isn't a resolutions thing, I don't do them cause I know they tend to last half of January and that's it. This is a things to do or accomplish throughout the year of 2016. So here's things I'm doing and working on throughout 2016.

1. Improve my drawing skills- I've recently become super into drawing again, I did a lot of drawing 3/4 years ago between college and high school but just stopped having time, I've recently been really enjoying in and gotten out my wacom tablet so draw digitally (the happy new year photo was a little thing I did ;) ) and I want to practice and work on my skills for anatomy and perspective.

2. Improve my health and fitness- I've never been super healthy or active, I did a decent bit when I was younger because I was a tom boy and enjoyed running around and dance and karate. I did alot but it all kinda faded in adulthood, Also breaking my foot in summer and only healing meant I was completely inactive and I feel so unfit and weak now. I had to be careful as my foot is weakened a lot from the break and can hurt after walking long amounts but I'm slowly working on it.

3. Read more (at least 20/24 books)- I don't read enough, for someone who could read a book in 2/3 night's I hardly finish a few books a year, so I want to read more again and get lost in my imagination.

4. Invest myself in my uni course- So I'm at university because I chose to be. The course I'm doing is because I picked it, and honestly I've not really engaged myself in it as much as I feel I should. I'm not going to lectures just to pass exams just because I have to. My course and uni degree is something I want to turn into a career, so I want to make an effort to actively read and dive into my course contents and materials.

5. Learn basic Japanese- I've always loved the idea of knowing different languages, we learnt German in school but  forgot everything as soon as I left despite getting a high grade in it. But I've always loved the Japanese language being the huge anime nerd that I am (and you know you gotta watch the shit subbed, not dubbed.) And I already know a few phrases and basic sentences, but Japanese is quite complex and if I understand it right has 3 alphabets to learn, I'd love to be able to write in Japanese as well but one thing at a time. This is a goal that will stretch way way WAY past 2016 though.

6. Find my own style- I still struggle with knowing my own style and working out what outfits I both like and works for me, so that's a super goal of 2016, I'm definitely getting there, I also have a super interesting plan for posts involving drawing outfits then putting them together! look forward to it.

7. Confidence: Fake it till you make it- This is a continuing theme from last year to work on my confidence and self esteem and just be happy with myself both mentally and physically and just stop stressing out over everything and just generally over thinking things, Bad Chenelle.

And those are my goals for the year of 2016, There will be smaller goals for each month which I'll start at the end of February but these are the big ones.

What are some thing you're doing or want to achieve this year?
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