Tuesday, 13 October 2015

It's a struggle.

So hi....

This isn't going to be a very well done post, it's very impromptu and I'm literally writing it and posting it, bam done.

I just wanted to say sorry to those who do read my blog, as I've been lacking time energy and serious motivation to get my posts written and done. It's not even a matter of a lack of post ideas and inspiration, I have the ideas and plans, I really wanted to post daily september and well that was a fail. I seriously under estimated how much time it would take me to settle at uni, we're nearly a month in and I still haven't gotten into a proper routine, although this week is definitely my calmest since Ive moved back.
But I'm apart of 3/4 Different societies whch I'm trying to stay active and committed in, as well as 3 assignments already set and still recovering from my injury which leaves me quite tired quite quickly. All this just leaves me lacking in everything really, and I'm struggling to make time for my blog.

SO I just want to say here that for this week, I will be having a break, Writing up posts slowly and preparing them, With the hopes that starting next week, or maybe even the weekend I can start rolling out my posts again. I still have the #WestmidlandsBloggerMeet to tell you guys about and a super Exciting NEXT lingerie Event I was lucky enough to attend, But that is for next week.

I hope you guys can understand, and I'm thankful to every person that takes the time to read this little space of the internet of mine. I really do love my blog and the blogging community and I want to enjoy it again soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Much love guys!

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