Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

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It's currently winter in the UK, some may debate that saying it's nearly spring, but it's damn cold right now, I ain't seeing any signs of warmth of spring yet. Anyway with the notions of winter and coldness, comes the issues of chapped lips and drying skin, it sucks big time.

In an attempt to combat this I've been trying super hard to moisturise often and keep my skin feeling some kind of decent. To do this I've been using the body shop vitamin E intense moisture cream, It says it's for very dry skin, and admittedly my skin is more combination type but that's why I don't often use this cream, however the harsh cold weather this year was really wrecking my skin so a small amount of this after washing my face seriously helps.

It really feels super creamy and nice on my skin and especially in the morning after moisturising before bed the night before my skin feels so soft and smooth, it's great.
I''d definitely recommend this cream for anyone struggling with dry skin or just having issues with the winter weather like I have been.

What product has saved your skin this winter?
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