Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Arty Supplies Haul.

So hi...

As I have mentioned and you might be able to tell from my Doodle dumpin' post (here) I'm super into drawing recently, it's a hobby I've picked back up from when I used to draw non-stop in high school. I use my WACOM Tablet to draw digitally but as I always want to improve in all aspects of drawing, I keep up drawing traditionally. So I've been window shopping around and have slowly picked up a few pieces, which I thought I'd show off.

First few things I picked up were the big set of erasers, since I always seem to lose the ones I have, so I thought buying a couple wouldn't do me any harm, they cost me only £1. The next thing was the A3 Sketch pad, I picked this up so I could experiment of bigger pieces and adding in lots of details to backgrounds. I also want to use it to practice my painting skills because I haven't really painted at all since high school art classes, although I really enjoyed it. Tying into that I picked up this watercolours paint set from Royal and Langnickel, it only cost a couple of pounds and I didn't want to fork out for better quality paints until I know I'll make good use of them and learn how to properly paint and colour to a satisfying standard. And along with that yet again, how can I hope to paint without any brushes to paint with? So I picked up a set from the same brand as the watercolours, I think you can work out why.

 The most expensive thing I got in the whole haul was these Copic Marker pens. I bought 3 sets but one of them were for Pre-order and have yet to arrive, but I don't mind waiting. All 3 sets are apart of the Copic Ciao brand. The first set on the left as you can see is the Manga 2 set (of 4/5 sets I believe). I picked it for the nice range of bright colours along with a great liner pen, The colours from left to right are:
E21- a lovely peachy skin colour
B45-  a light pastel blue
BG49-  an aqua green colour
R05- a bright baby blue
R59- a bright true red
The colours are all super true to their appearance and are great quality.
The second set on the right is called the 'Scrap & Stempel set 2' The colours in this set are much more pastel and has a bigger ranges but are still super pretty, the colours are:
E57: a basic brown
RV95: a purple tinted pink colour
G21: A muddy ivy green
E51: a yellow toned skin colour
B93: a basic blue colour
0: Blender pen
The two sets are both amazing Quality, though as these markers are always highly praised as markers for professionals it's not much of a surprise. They cost me £13.50 each, which isn't too bad for 6 marker pens. I already adore them and can't wait to keep improving myself and increasing my collection of them.

The last purchases of the haul are two kind of pens I use to outline and add shines to some drawings, The Black pen is a 'needle' pen from Uni-ball and was about £2/3 and then the white pen is actually a gel pen from Hybrid which was about the same price. they are cheap but they do they job of outlining and just making a drawing look sharper and generally better. And that's everything in my little art haul, pretty content with everything that I got and how they've been going.

Any good art products you've bought recently? or stationary bits?
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