Friday, 26 February 2016

Travel Wanderlust: World Map.

So hi...

I've mentioned a few times on the blog but I love travelling. I love the idea of backpacking around places and just taking in the different sites of the world. I got to go abroad a few times when I was younger but I don't remember many of them, and although they were nice, if was often family holidays without the opportunity to actually explore.
Last year I was lucky enough to go to Paris and Salou Spain. (Read about my Paris trip: part 1, 2, 3 & 4 Or my Spain trip here). The Paris trip was super touristy and I got to visit nearly all the big attractions and sites while the Spain one was more of a relaxed, on the beach sort of holiday.
This year I'll likely only be visiting dublin towards the end of march and that's it. Finances just aren't super great but that doesn't stop me dreaming.
I had a post last year on the top 10 places I want to visit (here) and looking over now and again is great motivation for saving money little by little to put towards trips to those places, but as well as that I bought myself a world map poster, and quite a decent sized one.

I love the idea of marking a world map with all the places you've been and all the places you want to go. When I eventually (and hopefully!) own my own place I'd actually like to have a feature wall in my bedroom or living room of a world map, The whole wall would be a map for me to place markers to places I want to go and Postcards from places I've been. But that's big dreams of the future, and for now my poster is good enough for me.
I currently have written the places I've been and remembered which isn't very many. They sit along the bottom part of the poster except my Dublin note as it's still to be done and sits up next to Ireland. The poster itself sits right in front of my desk, it's basically the main focus of my little uni room and inspires me daily.

I hope to get to the stage of confidently travelling alone as currently I've never been abroad alone. The closest is when I went to Paris last year, I was going as apart of the fashion society but knew No one who was going, it was great though and I still managed to make friends. But I'd like to make the full leap and completely travel alone. Though I would probably keep to Europe for my first few alone trips as I would still be able to rely on people speaking English if I was lost or in trouble, and once I'm comfortable I'll expand my travels.

A few travel goals I would like to achieve:
Roadtrip around America for a month or so.
Live in Japan.(and learn the language.)
Backpack around Europe.

Do you have Wanderlust? how to you keep inspired to travel?
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