Tuesday, 6 October 2015

2nd Year Uni aims

So hi...

With one week of uni done with, now starts the real business where the subject content starts and we get right into working on assessments and preparing for exams in January. Now that I'm starting my second year as well I have a much better Idea of what to expect and have a few goals and aims I want to achieve, built off mistakes and things I wish I did better with last year.

-Experiment more with cooking. Although I can cook a pretty good amount of things I always get lazy at uni and rarely cook anything super interesting, I'd like to try and cook something new or just more interesting than pasta/stir fry weekly.

-Learn to properly use SPSS. Last year we learn about SPSS for a lab report, and to be honest I didn't really learn how to use it properly, instead I just did what got the report done, but I want to try and seriously.

-Be more Active. This is to basically not be a completely lazy shit all year, to get out and enjoy Birmingham, even just to not put off going shop, or simply walking to uni rather than always taking the bus.

-Stay involved in chosen Societies. Similar to my October aims, but obviously intended for the whole year is my commitments to societies. I really want to stay highly involved in the Women's football, the Burlesque Society and the Rock Soc Society. I'm also apart of a few more but those one's don't tend to meet up or have socials often.

-Keep my notes updated and Separate. So last year I had all the notes for all my modules in one notebook & it was an awful idea, some people did this then organised the ripped out pages but I can't really do this myself, I end up thinking the separate pages aren't important and it feels very messy to me. So this year I have a note book for each of my different modules, organised.

-Lose weight. This would have been a pretty appropriate aims for October as well to be honest. As I was pretty immobile from July to the beginning of September due to my broken foot this meant I put on weight, Not a lot as I couldn't really eat much anyway but still more than I wanted considering I'm already not happy with my own weight. But on the plus I have already started to go back down for the last 2/3 weeks so yay.

Those are my major objectives for the next academic year, all really doable, I just have to keep motivated and not sit on my butt all the time.

Are you returning to uni? Or just starting?
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