Monday, 5 October 2015

Rebel with cause & Rimmel 107

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Now it's pretty well know that the Kate moss Rimmel 107 is a glorious shade, Perfect for autumn as well. ( though I like it all year round) so when I was randomly looking through my lipstick and general make-up and picked up Make up Revolution's 'Rebel with Cause' I was surprised that I felt they were quite similar.

107 definitely has more red berry tones to it while Rebel with cause is more purple toned but they are both really pretty colours and perfect for the up coming months.

There's also the price difference, 107 is a few pound while Rebel with cause is a mere one pound, But you can tell with staying power and texture, I love the matte feel of Rimmel's 107 while Rebel with cause is a bit more wet? not sure that's the right word but we'll roll with it, It's also not quite a matte texture like 107, but I still like it.

Rimmel's 107 has much greater staying power, I wore out Rebel with cause a few days ago and found myself re-applying it a 5/6 times during the night, although this was with one meal and drinking in between so it may fair a lot better during a normal evening or day without a lot of drinking.
107 however tends to stay quite well even with drinking, leaving a nice looking stain when it does start to fade.

I'm not trying to build an argument as it seems like but just pointing out the two lipsticks pointers.
I really do feel the shades are similar to each other and it's nice to wear rebel with cause and feel like I'm going a little outside the box of not wearing 107 everyday and still get the perfect colour.

Do you have any shades that remind you of your favourite lipstick?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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