Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Foot Freedom! BRB

So hi....

I may be breaking my August everyday blogging shindig. I was finally able to get my cast off Monday and it's amazing how much it's brightened my mood. It was just in time for my Birthday and for a huge number of plans and activities, so although I lost a whole month of my summer I still get to celebrate and enjoy my birthday and a friends and do a load of things.

I still have to wear a boot, but this can be taken on and off and I can actually walk on my foot without pain both when wearing the boot and when not. I'll not push my luck too much though, I wouldn't want to have 4 weeks of freedom just to end back into the cast.
ANYWAY on to blogging, I'm actually going away tomorrow (12th) Till Sunday (16th) and I won't have my laptop, as such I won't be active. Although I do have posts planned I will unfortunately miss out blogging on the 12th as I have yet to decide a post idea that I've liked and although I want to blog everyday I really don't want these posts to end up as random bad ideas posted just for the sake of getting a post up.
In total with my current planned posts I will only be missing around 4 days in August, but maybe I'll be blessed with creativity, which would be grand.

Honestly as well as making you all aware of my potential gaps in posting this month I also just wanted to share the happiness I'm currently feeling, I have the boot off now and the freedom feels so great, I had a warm bath and not having to awkwardly hang my leg out the bath was great. It's weird because I've felt annoying with how much I've talked about my broken foot but when you can't move and you can't even be independent. There's nothing else for you, your life is that broken bone, You're best topic of conversion is how long till it's gone and how you did it. It literally was in every aspect of life for the last 6 weeks, that's a long time, If I had broken this n high school it would have been my whole summer which used to feel so long.

Well if I don't see you in tomorrow's post don't miss me too much. BRB.

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Much love guys!

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