Monday, 10 August 2015

Sharing the Love 2#

So hi....

Another share the love post today! I'm changing it up to Youtubers and Twitters this time! This I have two different kinds of youtube channels I watch of Beauty/Fashion channels and Gaming channels I'll be sharing 5 of gaming this time and then 5 For beauty/fashion next post! Along with 5 Twitters I love to follow.

Youtube: Gaming

Cry has argueably the most perfect voice and he tend to play full play throughs, He always plays the games well and goes into more detail and explores more than I've found with other youtubers

Mark, despite being one of the biggest youtubers in gaming is a new discovery for me, i tend to not want to watch or do something when everyone is obsessed with it, I don't know why but it puts me off, But I eventually watched him first through his Five nights video and have come to love him, even if he gets a little weird sometimes.

Another Play through sorta channel, This channel is made up of 4 guys, they play through a lot of different games and what I love is that they explain mechanics and story line of the game, so you finish it feeling cntent and understanding nearly everything, I watched them first playing Silent hill 2

Although Jordan is mostly Minecraft content I love when he plays other games and his general tone and attitude to everything is pretty chill.

These guys are a branch off from Internet company rooster teeth, They make daily videos and the collective personality and comedy between them is just gold.

Kind still apart of Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter This is a sub channel where all there lets plays content goes,

Pretty sure that's a randomly chosen name but this girl is kinda hilarious. I tend to follow people on twitter for relateable or funny tweets, This girl is super chill and has so much sass, I love it.

Amy / Salt and Chic:
A blogger as well I love amy's tweets for blogging, She contributes often to chats and her general life tweets usually explain my exact feels about life, I love her style as well but that's for another post!

It's Dan:
This guy is a proper sweetie, He's a Youtuber that vlogs and makes videos with his fiance and The amount of times I've felt down and he's tweeted me, total babe.

Charlotte Hole:
With a blog and youtube, Charlotte is everything I could aspire to, She has great style and fashion taste and she just Oozes confidence. She travels and seem to just know how to own life. One day that'll be me I swear!

The Dress Diaries:
Another Fellow blogger here, Leanne is another babe, Her tweets make me giggle and relate to the struggles of getting ready and she's just all round Lovely!

So Those are my Picks this time!Go Share the love and enjoy!
Do you watch gaming channels?
And Who are your favourite Tweeters!
Let me know down in the comments below!

Contact/Follow/Check Out!

Much love guys!

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