Thursday, 13 August 2015

Gormer Burger Kitchen Bath

So hi...
Now You may have read my last post explaining the removal of my cast and my going away to Bath for the rest of the week (I'm there currently) And as such I would be unable to post as I did not get the planned posts prepared in time
HOWEVER. I do have the blogspot app which I'm currently using, so I thought for the next few days I would do Snippets of the day,  Places we've eaten or visited, in detail as I plan to have a picture diary for Bath's adventures next Tuesday.
Today was the first day and after a long 3 hour trip we all got into the house, Natasha who is hosting us told us that we actually all have our own rooms for our stay which isnt something you expect when visiting other people.
After settling we decided to dine out at Gourmet Burger Kitchen ( Mini Review in bound )
I ordered the GBK Cheese and bacon burger without the dill pickle, with smoked Applewood cheese and an extra patty, partnered with a small skinny fries, Through the app students get 30% off their first order so all that cost me only £11, which I thought was pretty reasonable. The waiting time for the food was ridiculously short, This may have been due to the late time and lack in other customers but nevertheless impressive. The burgers looked heavenly and I am such a sucker for a good brioche bun. I couldnt actually eat the burger with the extra patty and so took a patty out to eat separate which was lovely, the cheese was perfectly melted and I felt there was just enough salad to compliment the juicy beef and bacon.
The chips definitely were skinny fries and reminded me of a cross between actually fries and the crisps french fries they were so skinny, They were gorgeous though and the small portion was just the right amount to satisfy the need for chips with a burger without overeating.
In terms of drinks I only got myself tap water as I wanted to save money but one part of me slightly regrets not getting a milkshake as some of the others ordered the Oreo milkshakes which were decently sized and looked/smelled like a milkshake of the gods.
And that's my mini review, A nice atmosphere and good music with quality food at a little more than average price, But the saying is you get what you pay for! the rest of the evening was spent relaxing and playing card games before retiring to bed, Which is where I find myself now writing this.
Tomorrow is set to be a long day, with an Investigation type Tourist visit and a house party to celebrate a birthday in the evening.
Hope you all find these mini posts acceptable as I really wanted to keep up with blogging, the quality will be slightly down due to the limitation of using only a phone for posts but I'll only write when I feel I have a topic.
Thats all for today! I'm dead.
NIGHT! See you all tomorrow!

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Much love guys!

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