Saturday, 1 August 2015

August Aims.

So hi,

July's goals, were super unsuccessful, but then again I didn't write them with a broken foot in mind, so I don't think there is much I can say about them. I did get to practice my make-up application and draw a little but not really as much as I wanted, I think I'll definitely do my 30 themes I wrote about but I think I'll wait until September as I have a bit more time and will be more settled down.
Anyway here are a few of my aims and goals for August.

1.Walk often: Once the cast is off my foot I want to try walk often to help re-strengthen my foot as well as to up my fitness, 6 weeks of sitting around can't have been good for that.

2. Get back into reading: I've really not been able to read much recently, when I do have time I just haven't and I miss it, I'm definitely going to re-read my collection as I have a pretty decent collection of around 50 books.

3. Keep up sewing/Dressmaking: I'm getting the hang of sewing, but I want to start to progress with dress making and getting the hang of patterns and maybe even make myself some clothes.

4. Start Blogging again: so after not really being too active on the blog for both June and July I've decided to try and blog everyday again like I did May to get myself back into the groove, I've heard daily blogging actually gets the ideas flowing, which I did find with may, hoping for that again.

5. Over haul Wardrobe: I'm really sick of my wardrobe, it just doesn't shout any form of style and i really don't have that many clothes that I feel fit the style that I love. Though there any a lot of clothes I love but wouldn't wear as my confident grows I'm hoping for the style and fashion I admire to be the clothes I also rock.

6. Build up my confidence: I'm forever questioning myself and apparently although I do well to make people think I come off confident it's definitely an attempt to fake it till I make it. Sometimes I get bursts of confidence, a nice outfit, a good hair and make-up day, but more often than not I hate what I see and question everything about myself, so I gotta stop that, no more.

7. Try to learn new things everyday: Even if that's trivial information or actually learning a new skill, I feel it's super important to always try to improve and develop yourself further. so this is one little step to attempt that.

And those are my aims for the month of august, mostly personal development ones but when aren't they?
Have you set yourself any goals or aims for yourself this August?
Let me know down in the comments below!

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Much love guys!

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