Friday, 31 July 2015

The Monthly Round up: July

So hi...

Another month gone by and it's not really been too great... I did get to do the race for life Sunday 5th july and work a new pub job that evening which I loved but Monday night I got a little too cocky with a skateboard and broke my left foot. and have been stuck in a cast since, meaning I've been stuck inside the whole month and spent numerous days returning to hospital and n all honesty it's been a really downer for me, not being able to be dependent and not being able to get out the house it ridiculously emotionally draining. but I have had a few nice moments, Friends visited me every now and again, we have a girls night with takeaway which the boys took over, I went to one night of pre-drinks just to relax and chat with everyone and I hosted a fajita night at mine with cheesecake for dessert and everything. I've also gotten a lot happier the longer I've been in the cast, probably as I'm used to it and I know I'll be able to get it off and get out again soon. I'm still wearing it as I speak, and not gonna lie, dreading the hairy mess my one leg will undoubtedly be (soz if tmi) but I'll be going to the hospital 10th August to get my Cast off, then I have a load of things planned, including a birthday celebration in my Birmingham flat as I turn 20! no longer a teen then.

Being stuck inside meant selfie central, and some make-up practice, which I guess is a plus...

So how was your July? hopefully a lot more active than mine!
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Much love guys!

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