Sunday, 2 August 2015

Those Unusual Lip colours.

So hi

So when you think lipsticks and colours the most common to think of is shades of red and pink as well as nudes and then  berry shades. dark purple shades have also become pretty common place to appear upon the lips. But there are some lip colours that are straight up a little peculiar. I own a few such colours, Most from Make-up revolution as it was a set of 5 for £4 and I decided to get the set despite there strange vibrant tones. So lets go through them.

The first shade I have although is purple it's a little brighter than the typical purple shades you see around, This shade is called Depraved and although strange I could see people wearing it out, I'm not sure how great it would look however. As you can tell the payout is decent but not strong enough, I spent about 5 minutes trying to cover my lips completely and as you can tell it didn't completely work.

 The Most 'normal' or common colour in this little showcase, this shade is called Vice and is a super bright very true orange, dfferent from the orangey toned reds you see around and with it a little more difficult to wear, The colour pay out is slightly better and a little stronger pigmented. It's also the smoothest to apply.
 With the colour pigment and pay out of them all is this yellow shade called Felony which although looks super bright in the bullet has almost no actually colour, I can't ever imagine being able to wear this out and looking acceptable.
 And lastly is this pale icy blue shade called Immoral. I thought this would be the worst one but I don't actually hate it, The color payout is actually pretty good. I could only see myself wearing this as apart of a cosplay or Halloween outfit such as the Ice witch from Narnia or something.

Do you own as super unusual lip colours?
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