Wednesday, 26 August 2015

10 Healthy (ish) Dinners

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Bit late with this post but as I mentioned life has very much got in the way! My Birthday meant I tried to get out often and wasn't home much and when I was I was too tired to write, But to make up for that I will be trying to daily post in September, but no promises, this blog as much as I love it, is just a hobby and sometimes other life aspects come first. But it's all to make sure I experience what I can of life!
To the more important thing... Food. More Importantly ,healthy-ish dinners that I like to have.

1.Roast- One of my most favourite dinners, I wish my family had Sunday roasts because I never get bored of it! you can change up a roast as well, with more veg to make it a little healthier.

2. Homemade burgers- If you make sure to get lean mince this can be healthier, plus I actually love to have homemade burgers with salad and fried mushrooms onions and peppers, no bun needed, though if you did add a bun and some cheese, no one would blame you!

3. Stir fry- You gotta love a good stir fry, you can mix it up so much and add loads of veg or whatever meat you want, it's super versatile and tasty.

4. Peppers onion spinach potato & Fried egg- This is one of my absolute favourite meals after my flatmate Becky made me this, I know it has a name but I don't know it, I just love it, you fry everything together including thin potato slices and then top it with a boiled egg. perfect.

5. Seasoned Roasted chicken with tomatoes spinach and sweet potato- A super simple one but it's quick it works and you can change up the dish by adding flavours to the chicken.

6. Fish butter sauce bake- This was my own creation to use stuff up, but when I remade it I perfected it slightly, So it's basically salmon (Or any fish of your choice) fried and seasoned, I like to make the fish sweet chili flavoured, I then add a load of Veg, Such as carrot and broccoli and whatever else you want, I then make a butter sauce and add some pepper and salt for flavour then top with potato and bake in the oven, so good.

7. Chicken & potato Curry- Homemade curry is so good, I made it for the first time last year and it's great because you can make t as hot or mild as you want and add what you want, I love chicken and potato curry.

8. Fajitas- Another one of my favourite meals, This can be changed up as well, I like to have chicken fajitas but you could definitely have a veggie fajita.

9. Pasta and sauce with toppings of choice!- A super student one here, basically a chuck it whatever you have with some pasta and tomato sauce, simple, empties out your fridge and usually tastes pretty good.

10. 'Pizza' salad and wedges- So unfortunately, pizza isn't very healthy but you can make 'mock' pizza which is a little bit better, I like to make them with wraps, bit of tomato puree, some cheese and toppings, lovely, and to serve with It's quite nice to have salad and homemade seasoned wedges.

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