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Tips for bills. (From a Student to a student)

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Bills, the dreaded thing most teenagers know of but have the luxury to never have to worry about them thanks to their dear parents that pay them and sort all that business out so we can stay warm, eat cooked food and charge all our electrical things.
But going into second year at uni has meant getting a flat... getting a flat has meant having to consider the bills. Not being lucky enough to have a flat with bills included meant I had to sort them all out myself.
I really have to say I think things like bills should be made compulsory in schools because whether we like it or not, it's HIGHLY likely we will all have to do our own bills at one point in our life.
So with this in mind and as a student who has just about sorted out her bills for the year I thought I would give a few tips.

Know what you're new place has and hasn't got.
When you look at a house you probably don't consider whether it has a meter, if it's heated through gas or electric and things like that but It's so so so important to consider, I spent ages having to chase up the agency and emailing back and forward to grill them for information like this, because I didn't know and most gas and electric companies want to know as much about your property as possible so they can get you the best or most appropriate deal.

Look around.
Now I didn't actually do this too much when it came to gas and electric, as I just decided to stick with the previous supplier of the property as all I needed to do was change the property to be in my name, you may also be in this position, but if not, really research your options, I definitely did this when it came to broadband. It's also a good idea to check whats available in your area, I was annoyed to find that the 152mb internet speed deal that me and my flat mates wanted from virgin wasn't available in the area of our flat. (apparently Birmingham doesn't do good broadband speed)

Council tax.
Now everyone has to pay council tax, it's just a thing, but is it? As a full time student you're exempt from council tax. I've been told in most cases the council tax is sorted by the agency in most cases but with the 2 different agencies I dealt with while house hunting the tax was required to be dealt with by the tenants. So remember to sort this out! For me in Birmingham I had to fill out an online form, I was then sent a few more forms to fill out and had to get an official letter from my uni as proof of my attendance ( although some uni's have deals with their council to make it easier of their students, mine doesn't typical) This meant I could prove I was a student and exempt from council tax.

Those are the best kinda long tips I could give from my experience of sorting my flat's bills this year. It was a scary and super adult feeling responsibility and stress but really once I had it all done, it was quite simple.

Have you had to do your own bills yet?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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