Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Summer Hopes & plans 2015

So hi...

List type posts are so satisfying to write, I don't know why but It's just so simple and it makes me happy making lists. Seriously you guys should see some of my notebooks, list central (there actually will be a little look into my notebooks on Saturday 23rd) Anyway, to the point of this post, Summer is nearly here, though the change of warm sun the rain recently makes summer seem so far away... But for me it is well and truly here. I finish my last exam today and tomorrow I head back to my home town and it's officially the beginning of my Summer. As my year so far I feel has gone pretty damn well I'm hoping to have a very active and exciting Summer to continue my good year. I have a number of little things I want to do, some actual activities and other just general aims I hope to achieve over the whole of summer.

- Get a Summer job (Multiple if possible) -I've actually already got a small cleaning job thanks to my sister but I really want to get a lot of experience and work for savings.
- Aim for £500 towards savings - this is related to the job thing as obviously I need a job to earn money for my savings but I'm really hoping to get at least £500 for my car savings.
- Boost creativity - Not exactly Summer related but I'll have a lot of time to do this over Summer. I really hope to get back into drawing and painting, as well singing, thinking even to return to the old Youtubes.
- Get my Dress making on. - May have mentioned this before but I really want to get a hang of dressmaking, patterns and all. So over Summer I'm really looking forward to learning sewing and creating my own clothes, Also Considering to learn knitting or crocheting. 
- Get outside - Little more typical but I want to make a really strong effort to get out and about at least 3-4 days a week, whether that's with friends or just exploring things on my own.
- See the Uni people - Really want to stay in close contact with my friends I've made at Uni, They really mean a lot to me and It'd suck to not see them all Summer, Luckily we've already got a few plans and ideas which is super nice.
- Work on my Health and Fitness game - Already a work in progress this one but Summer gives so much opportunity to work on my self and own confidence and health. I've had a good head start the last few weeks of Uni and really hoping to continue this and as mentioned in the Instagram post I've put up I want to lose a bit of weight.
- Volunteer If I can for a concert or festival - This is a kinda random one I think would be amazing for experience and would just feel amazing, I obvious favourites to volunteer at would be the likes of Reading, Glastonbury and Download. But even a small time one would be super cool.
- Host or Attend A BBQ - Because how could you go the whole summer without having a BBQ?? that's right, you couldn't.
- Become more of a morning person. - I'm a super night owl. Honestly I have always had a super bad sleeping pattern, I'm one of those strange individuals who manages much better on smaller amounts of sleep. I wake up earlier and feeling better on 4/5 Hours sleep than I do 8+ hours sleep. But sleep is important so I want to try get myself up in the mornings as well as get a decent amount of sleep.
- Travel As much as I can - I'm not really talking abroad travelling here but just getting out of my home town, there's so many little places to do around Luton and even London is just up the road, So I wanna go and explore these places a lot more.
- Do want I want and be more adventurous. - I've gone through quite a few changes this year, I've really been able to 'find myself' and feel a lot more confident. A small example is my new piercings, I've wanted them for years, but worried so much about others views that I held back, now that I've got them I feel so much more confident and like my personality is being expressed better. I'm planning to continue this, say ye to more, Not worry about other others opinions and not be put down.

That's the whole of my little list of things I wanna do over the Summer this year.
What plans and hopes do you have for summer this year?
Let me know in the comments section down below!

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