Monday, 18 May 2015

Make-up Revolution Haul Part 3

So hi..

Last part of my Make-up revolution haul today! I ordered a lot of stuff didn't I... The total was about £40? but I just couldn't help myself. Today's part is showing off the little Spring collection pack I bought which was half price at £10 and came with a load of different products. I missed spring a little bit to wear it but I'll definitely be using all these in Summer, especially with the Spring like weather we've been having in England recently

 The first product in the collection are the Vivid Blush lacquer in 'heat'. This will be super interesting to try out as I'm usually a powder blush kinda girl, I've not had much practice or trials with creme blush let alone a lacquer, I think I'll be very very carefully when trying to apply this. Another interesting product is this kohl crayon. The packaging of this is so strange and intriguing, I think i'll like using this for messy smudgy liner and under the eyes.
 Next was this eye primer, which I actually over-looked when I ordered. So when I actually seen it I was pleasantly surprised. It's made to (Obviously) Prime the eyes but it also says that it's usable on it's own as it as a faint colour pigment. Though this does made me wonder whether this pigment could effect the colours and look of shadows put on top of this primer, but we'll see.
 A mascara also came in the set which is good as I have been wanting to up the amount of mascaras in my collection so I can experiment a little more. This one has a plastic brush which is says allows for longer nicer looking lashes. It's nice and simple looking and the brush it quite standard, I have yet to try it out but soon!
 I also Got this Go! Palette which is the description on the site, claimed to be for contours, But on the back it shows to have both contour elements (blush, highlight, bronzer) as well as some Eye-shadows at the bottom. These all looks quite nice in colour and I think I can actually use them for my skin tone which  is always a bonus.
 Now here is the eye shadows, The style of the Go to hell Palette is very cool looking and it has a lot of options for looks, They are all quite dark and I imagine more for night out looks but I'm looking forward to creating dark and smokey eyes with this.
 And The Last Product in the Spring collection is the I heart make up wonder palette. It has a few more brighter colours than the Go to hell palette but definitely see this for summer, it feel like I could really get creative with some bright and summery looks with this palette. It has some nice browns ans neutral colours as well which is nice

And We've done it! Reached the end of my whole Haul from Make-up Revolution, all three posts worth. I'm already testingq and trying out a lot of these products and no complaints so far, I'll definitely be doing some looks using only make up revolution products since ive gone and bought so much now.
Have you made any beauty Purchases recently? Any recommendations?
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