Saturday, 16 May 2015

My Favourite Summer clothes.

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Showcase type of post today! Showing off my favourite clothes which I'll be wearing the most this summer. Unfortunately I have a super small collection of summery clothes but I have savings so Shopping trip may be in order once I return back to the home town (it's Luton if ya didn't know) But anyway, these are my pretty clothes that I like, yay.

This first dress is very holiday for me, It's the sort of dress I'd only wear in the dead middle of Summer where it's really hot and warm. I think I may have bought this for a holiday a while back. It's super colourful compared to the rest of my wardrobe but I do still love it.

 This next dress is actually my favourite dress that I own if I'm honest. I love the print and the lace on the top, even the cut is perfect. It's just the perfect style for my personal tastes and I back still wear it in winter with tights boots and a scarf which is a bonus!
This dress is super duper girly, It has layers underneath and it's very flowy and cute, I got this one from Clothesminded and I'm pretty sure it wasn't more than £10. I think it was £6/£8 IT has a nice cut like the last one and it's got a very cute but grown up looking floral pattern.

The last thing one is a play-suit and it's started a little bit of an obsession where I really want a whole load of play-suits. This is similar to my favourite dress in pattern. It's simplistic, not too much floral and it sits so nicely I feel. And cause it's a play-suit I can feel completely comfortable which is a little more annoying with a dress.

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