Friday, 15 May 2015

Getting my Cook on: Trying stuff out.

So hi...

Little bit of an continuation from the Instagram healthy eating post. Since I have been following different meal plans, as such I've mainly been cooking all the food myself, even when I was home for a week, It also means I've been able to cook and try out a number of new food and recipes that I thought I'd share. Most of these are simple and easy recipes but they are just things that I've never done before, or not from scratch.

 Beef Casserole
 Veggie Frittata  
 Pork Chop with Homemade peppercorn sauce.
 Tuna Rice Salad
 Prawn mixed salad 
 Sweet potato and chicken curry with mixed pepper rice.
chicken and sausage stir fry.
These are only a few little things I made from scratch which I think I done did good with. Also if you guys have any healthy recipes sand meal I could try make that you be appreciated! 
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Much love guys!

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