Sunday, 17 May 2015

Those Statement Necklaces

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I've always been into my necklaces, maybe because I feel like necklaces can look good no matter the size, It's easy sprucing up of an outfit. So along with this I'm a big fan of pretty statement necklaces to add a little more sparkle to a plain or casual outfit. Because of this love I'm got a tiny little collection of my to go statement necklaces which I thought I would show off.
 This first necklace is definitely my favourite, It's also probably the first proper chunky statement necklace I ever got, to the point that I don't remember where I got it from or whether I bought it for myself or it was a present, so it's a pretty old one, but It's such a bold statement piece. I always get compliments when I wear this necklace out and it makes an outfit look so much more flashy and add a little of a grunge feel to an outfit.
 This simple gold statement necklace was actually only £1 in a local store called 21 in Perry Barr along with the leaf one below which was also £1. What a bargain for a statement necklace! I love this necklace because it's super plain but at the same time paired with a plain black dress for example it makes such a difference and add so much to an outfit.
 This necklace as already mentioned was £1. It's another gold one and makes me think of Greek goddess for some reason, Also makes me think of a poison ivy as an outfit. It's such pretty looking and I love the details of the leaves.
 This is a super gothic looking necklace and I absolutely love it. It's the sort of necklace that looks absolutely amazing with shirts underneath the collar, So pretty and stylish looking.
 This one is a very cutesy necklace that I imagine I'll wear loads in the summer with pretty little summer dresses and play-suits. I think it's also a good choice when I wanna go extra girly looking on a night out or for a cute but smart outfit, I like that it looks like flowers/petals, or maybe that's just me.
This last one is a probably one of the plainest out of the lot and I surprisingly got it from Asda but It's a super sophisticated necklace and it makes me feel very grown up and lady like when I wear it. The woven detail is gorgeous as well.

And that's my little statement necklace collection, I have a huge collection of necklaces in general, Maybe I'll show it off in a blog post one day, though I wouldn't be able to talk about each one like this, we'd be here forever.
Which of these is your favourite necklace? let me know down in the section comments below.

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