Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Whole Make-up Collection: Base Products.

So hi....

Going to talk about the base products today, probably the smallest collection I have. These are my foundations blush/bronzer and all that shizz.

Let's first talk foundation. I don't use foundation all that often, I'm a lazy concealer and powder only kinda girl. But I do own three foundations.
First is the Rimmel Wake me up foundation in Ivory, I love this foundation but it's ( if you couldn't tell) a little bit too dark, i love the coverage and everything else on it but when i bought it I just picked up the lightest shade there and that it still too dark I can mix it with the match perfection foundation however for a more well matched colour.
Speaking of the second foundation I own is the Rimmel match perfection foundation in light Porcelain, this foundation is kinda runny and a little too light for my skin, which makes it a good mix with the wake me up colour.
Lastly is the Foundation I'm currently using which is the Maybelline Super stay better skin foundation in Ivory. This has a decent coverage and is the best colour match so it's what I'll currently make the effort to use.
Next I'll cover all the other bits since I currently only have one of each. For concealer I have the Rimmel wake me up concealer.
I also had the collection lasting perfection concealer however it's run out and I have yet to find a store that has the fair shade that hasn't been used to replace it. The wake me up one does a pretty good job however so it'll d for now.
For powder I'm pretty loyal to Rimmel's Stay matte powder, it does the job well and I couldn't really ask for much else.
I also have the MUA Pro-base Primer, thought it's nearly run out and in all honesty, I didn't feel that it made much difference. I am on the look out for some good primers however so any suggestions down in the comment section would be appreciated.
Last but not least is the Two faced no make-up make up palette, which holds my highlight, blush and bronzer all in one, I love this little palette as its extremely useful and easy!

And we're already done... I told you it was a small collection. I am on the look out to expand it greatly but I feel like with base products it's very important to get it right and not waste money because you picked the wrong shade or something.

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