Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Alice Boutique Launch

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Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited down to Birmingham centre to attend the Launch party of the Alice Boutique, an online shop of gorgeous collectible tea sets as well as cushions and other delightful little pieces.

When we arrived the centre table was covered in the beautiful little items from the collection and they all looked so cute and stylish. I also noticed very quickly the cute little pattern cushions, I'm recently having a small obsession with pillows and cushions so this made me very happy.

There were also different sections for the different styles of the collections, such as the monochrome section, great to fit into any coloured kitchen or collectors cupboard.

 There were a number of little features to the room which added to the Alice in wonderland effect such as the little eat/drink me notes attached to the drinks and food. There was also a little photo booth with accessories which you could take part in as well as flamingo croquet which was a blast!

The event also had added features from Handmade boutique which Tracie ( the creator of Alice Boutique and of handmade boutique) had used that just added a great effect to the whole room and it was really a lovely evening

We were given refreshments and cocktails through out the evening which was nice.
Overall it was a lovely evening in which I got to chat to fellow bloggers as well as enjoy the gorgeous alice in wonderland themed collection that surrounded us. I'm really a fan of the cushions and will definitely be looking into purchasing one soon!
Have you seen Handmade boutique before? or do you like the looks of alice in wonderland themed teapots and such?
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Much love guys!

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