Sunday, 10 August 2014

A New Everyday Make-up Routine.

So hi.

Recently I've found that my make-up routine has changed a lot and I find my make-up looking a lot smoother and more flawless as a result, so I thought I would tell you all my make-up routine, I don't think it's anything special. More so that I've gotten much better with my ability to blend and generally apply my make-up, which makes me rather happy.

I think two things have greatly contributed to my improved make-up routine, discovering the usefulness of a primer and decent make-up brushes.

The make up brushes I use are unbranded ones I order for only a couple of quid from Tmart, they are soft and fluffy and do the job well, they are also in need of cleaning I know.

For my primer I use MUA's Primer, It was £4 and my first choice in experimenting with primers as I didn't want to spend to much then possibly not like it, I'm looking forward to trying some other primers though.

After priming I use my concealer,which although has been collections lasting perfection offering for a while, after struggling to get another from my local Superdrug, I gave Rimmel's wake me up concealer and I really like it, I'd be so bold as to say I think it's just as good as collection's one.

Next is foundation and recently I haven't been using foundation too much because of the hot weather but when I do it's the Super stay better skin foundation from Maybelline, I think it really goes on well on my skin and I love the finish it gives me. It's the best foundation I've tried so far. I then contour my face with the Two-faced No makeup palette, I absolutely love this product, I bought it off Tmart like I did with the brushes and it wasn't listed as a brand product but when it arrived I was excited, It has the a contour, highlight, cream and powder blush and a shimmer bronzer. and with my face all done and looking the best I could hope I use Rimmel Stay matte powder to set it all and give my face a matte effect.

Next up I do my eyes, if I can be bothered with eye shadow, I get out the Naked 3 Palette, my favourite colours are burnout, limit, liar and mugshot. After is the cat flick which I use either Superliner by Loreal or Collection's Extreme 24 hour liner, followed by mascara, I use two mascaras, firstly Collection's no clumps which gives me good length to build up on and then I use Miss Manga by Loreal.

And that's my make up done, there's also lipstick but I change it up so often, but as I would say I'd mostly use a shade of red, I photopraphed Apocolips in Big bang and the Rimmel Kate moss in  01.

What's your make-up routine like?

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  1. Rimmel's wake me up concealer is lovely. Really helps to diminish the harsh dark circles under my eyes.

    1. I agree, Although i have to admit, collection's concealer still steals my heats, Wake me up's version is a very close second