Saturday, 9 August 2014

My Summer Essentials.

So hi...

Convenient that now I've sat down to write this post the sun seems to have hidden itself away, however I still thought I'd put this post up. When the sun hit us here in the UK I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one that got myself a arsenal of essential products to last me through the summer heat.

One of the most obvious ( which I ironically didn't have photographed here ) is suncream, can't be dealing with that bright red sun burn.
In line with that I have to carry round with me some sunglasses, I don't do too well in heat and I certainly don't like it blinding me, I have two pairs that I swap between, one from a cosmopolitan magazine in a cateye style and the other a rather basic pair from primark for £1.
Face Wipes.
Now don't hate me for this one! I know well the dislike for face wipes in the blogging community, however it's just something I always keep by me, sometime it's nice to refresh your hot sweaty face with a face wipe, I find it refreshes my face and that's good by me.
Dry Shampoo.
This one is quite popular for summer due to festivals and such, and although I wasn't able to go to any festival this summer (boo!) I still use dry shampoo a lot during the summer when i'm feeling hot and my hair is feeling a little lacking.
So a bit more of a weird one but in summer I get bitten, a lot. My blood must be sweet because a day out near any form of grass of greener end up in a lovely load of red dots all over my legs, though this year the bugs changed it up a bit and left my whole body covered in bites. It's rather unpleasant and Itchy, so I regularly need to put sudocream on the bites to calm them. As I said, odd one but rather necessary for me.
Bright Lipstick.
In summer when I can be bothered to wear lipstick I'm all about the brights, mostly reds and orangey tones, my favourite currently is Rimmels kate moss 101 lipstick, it's just the perfect classic red for me. I think a bright lipstick can really bring together an outfit that may be quite basic due to the heat limiting an outfit creativity.
Last essential for me is headphones. I love listening to music especially when walking around, so for me my headphones have to be on me at all times to stop myself getting bored. I recently left my headphones at my mums by accident  and the week without them was absolutely awful.

And there you have it, my personal summer essentials this year, most of them are pretty basic ones I'd guess.
What are your top summer essentials?

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  1. Lovely post! My must for summer is dry shampoo!

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  2. I love that Kate Moss lipstick. it instantly livens up any make up look.