Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sunglasses Galore

So hi...

Although it doesn't really feel like it when you look outside the window, summer is fast approaching. As such I decided to dig out my sunglasses with the hopes that it would encourage the sun to make a few appearances. After digging them all out I realised, damn. I have a fair few pairs of sunglasses, which you know, I'm willing to show off to you all. I'm pretty sure they were all mostly from Primark and under like £2/3 but they do the job and I like them.

These 5 are the actual proper pairs that I own. I also have 3 pairs of bright blue glasses that I've acquired from my student union but I don't really feel like I'll be wearing them casually. Sorry BCUSU. All of these were primark except the purple pair which I actually bought in spain last year as I had forgot to take some with me. The white and pick pairs are also pretty new and unused an I had gotten them at the end of  summer last year and so I didn't actually get a chance to wear them all that much. My favourite pair are just the normal black pair, because I'm boring and they are the old faithful pair that can go with any outfit.
I like to think I have a pair of sunglasses to suit any mood or outfit I might fancy in summer.
Do you own more than 1 or 2 pairs of sunglasses?
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Much love guys!

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