Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Monthly Round Up: April

So Hi...

A little late with this post as my internet got ruined by a bin fire at the bottom of my building that burnt from the internet cables, I'm actually writing this at Costa, it's strange.
April was a pretty quiet month for me, Uni was finished in the first week or so, and I had not that many plans to actually go out. So a lot of my month was spent inside. However I did enjoy the month amazingly. I streamed a lot on twitch and I rediscovered my love for make-up which was dying out a little. This relit fire also meant a new passion for my blog, with a load more ideas for post series and general plans for the May and the summer months.

Although there was not many photos to share because I can only spam you guys with my selfies oh so much. April was an amazing month. I have a few plans and ambitions from the month that I’ll be revealing through their own blog posts but I've never felt more accepted. And I've never wanted to travel somewhere so much as I do right now. I kept up my crack down of not drinking for a whole month, which I'm proud of myself for as I had a few times where I could have broken it.
I was rather bad with attending the GYM however, but that's to be added onto my May aims post!

How was your April? hopefully a little more busy than mine!
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Much love guys!

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