Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Dream Festival.

So hi...

I love music. Music to me is just so essential to my life and I absolutely love the adrenaline and feel of experiencing Live music at festivals and gigs. It's an amazing experience and man oh man if I could afford it I'd probably go to some form of gig or festival weekly. It's also coming up to Festival season with summer quickly approaching and the people over at TickPick contacted me and asked me a super interesting question. What would be my ideal festival?
They asked me to think about who I would have if I could set up my own little Coachella, cleverly name 'Faux-chella' What would be my perfect music festival?

Now I listen to a hell of a lot of music, I'm definitely a person that needs some form of sound around me al the time, and I don't tend to stick to one type of music genre, it changes nearly daily. As such trying to decide on only a few select artists who I would have to all in one place if I could was actually really difficult. I kept trying to think who I would be sad if I couldn't see, or who I've loved for a long time vs people that I'm only loving recently.
Once I had decided on my chosen performers, the kind people made this cool little personalised poster for My own 'It's all about the little things Festival'
Ain't it pretty.

Now let's discuss my choices a little. I thought long and hard about this to cover all the music I'd want to hear.
Bring me the horizon- These guys fall into what I would say is my 'main' genra of music that I commonly listen to. I actually saw them back in november and out of the decent amount of gigs I've been too it was by far the best experience. The overall atmosphere and vibe was phenomonal and there's just something about that sort of surrounding that makes me feel so alive. So I'd always be happy to bee them again.

Panic at the disco- P!ATD is just P!ATD. How do I even explain these guys. They covered my overdramatic teen angst with the tunes 'I write sins not tradgies' and 'Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off' and still right all the right buttons now with the new album Death of a bachelor. Even if it's only brendan now I still adore them. fun fact: I'll be seeing them at Slam Dunk in May, I'm excited.

Hasley: This is one of the newer ones. Well, not a new one completely but I'm currently obsessed with the album Badlands. I actually knew a fair few Hasley songs, just never knew they were hasley songs? you know when that weird sort of thing happens, well yeah. Now that I know I can't stop listening to her and I feel like watching and singing every lyric would be great.

I prevail: Probably one of the smaller editions to this list but I actually discovered these guys through the Cover they did of Taylor swifts 'Blank Space' and instantly fell in love, They just do good tunes. and the clean vocals are god damn amazing. I think they would be an amazing live performance.

Ninja Sex Party: Now if you haven't heard these guys before, you may be slightly worried when looking at this name but I swear these guys are an amazing comedy band. It's made up of two people, Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian. I'd say you should listen to their Take on me Cover. and then everything else because they do amazing catchy dance tunes.

Arctic Monkeys: This is another hard to explain one. I mean, it's Arctic Monkeys. They do all the good music. and I've missed so many opportunities to see them as well that I'm really just dying to. I've always loved them.

Lana Del Rey: This is another old favourite. Lana has such a memorising voice and makes me want to experience that typical 'american dream' summer. So cool, so effortless.

Fall Out Boy: when the hiatus happened, I won't lie. I got a little teary. Fall out boy are kind of in the same boat as P!ATD for me in that I adore both their old and new music and it would pretty much fufill my Teenage dreams to watch them before. I won't lie, I was a fan of Pete.

Melanie Martinez: Another case similar to hasley in that I had stumbled across a load of her songs but not known they were all by the same person or that it was Melanie. She songs and music makes me feel like I'm super cool and sassy and really, that's all I want in life.

Marina and the Diamonds: Last but not least to be added to my Dream festival is this empowering queen. Marina has style, an amazing voice, strong as hell songs like 'How to be a heart breaker' and she's just a queen. why wouldn't I want to see her strut her stuff.

And that would be my line up. This was a super cool concept to think about and write up. thanks to TickPick for giving me the question and making a cute little poster for me!
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What would your ideal Faux-chella festival be?
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Much love guys!

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