Friday, 1 April 2016

The Monthly Round up: March

So Hi...

March was probably the first month I've felt didn't rush by before I could grasp what was happening, it was like baby bears porridge, It was just right!
The start of the month was a little stressful as it was a bit of a assessment period with 2/3 hand in dates for my uni assignments, but after that was over I got to go to Ireland for a short weekend trip which started off my Easter holidays.
The Easter holiday was pretty good to me as well, I went to see the Deadpool film with friends which was amazing and went to a trampoline jump arena which was really cool but so damn tiring. like watching the kids so full of energy while a group of 20 year olds keep stopping for breaks must have been amusing to the workers.
 Character Artwork Reilia// With my Sister and Mum in Dublin on Paddy's day
// Twitch community byes // Ireland make-up selfie// Cutely dressed up horse in Dublin

Art wise I'm really content as well, it's a slow steep journey to improvement and being actually proud of my work but I'm happy with the direction I'm going.
I've been thoroughly enjoying watching streams on twitch as well, Mostly gaming streamers but there's a few creative streamers I've been enjoying as well. My favourite is Ray (BrownMan) who formerly worked at RoosterTeeth, but the community is really great for twitch and chatting to different people from america and all over has been really interesting.
Night out selfies// Fluffy in the sun
//Night out pre-selfie// 

I actually have no plans for April and as the month leading up to exam period and finishing up assignments I probably won't have much to say next round up, but we'll see!

How was your March?
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Much love guys!

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