Sunday, 27 March 2016

Evening Routine

So hi...

I've been really enjoying having a sort of routine to pamper myself the last few weeks. I think it's the cold that makes cosy pamper nights in feel like a must.
It's not a super fancy routine with a million products because in all honesty I get bored and don't have the money for a load of different skincare products anyway.
I have 2 kind of stages for my evening routine. The first is the sort of shower part and cleaning, while the second is the smaller details like nails and creams.
So this evening Routine is for when I get out of the shower in most cases. First I'll use my Frizz Ease oil, 1 or 2 pumps through my hair, in an attempt to tame it a bit. I'll then use these 2 SebaMed products I've been trialling.
One is a general face wash and the other is a toner specifically aimed to acne prone skin, which I have had trouble dealing with lately. I also like to use this Skin sincere Face Polish as it feels a bit gentler and smells less medicine like than the SebaMed products.
After my face is clean I've gotten into the habit of using these deep cleansing nose strips by Derma V10, It's really quite interesting to see how much dirt can be in your pores even after scrubbing.
I finish my face cleaning by using the Lush bubble gum lip scrub and the Body shop intense cream, which I wrote about before (here).

The next part is the real pampering, I use the body shop Vanilla Body butter all over now that it's usually completely dried. I'll then use the Superdrug skin care oil on my stomach for my surgery scars and few stretch marks. Now it's the fun part. Nails.
I'm awful at caring for my nails, the sound of a nail file gives me shivers and I have the bad habit of biting them but painting them or even just removing varnish is something I find super relaxing. I've recently love going for mulriple colours of my nails, This combination of light grey, light blue and light pink is probably my favourite as it definitely gives me a spring vibe. The polishes are all from MUA because hello? £1.

And that's as advanced as my evening routine gets skincare wise, I'll then get some comfy Pj's on and sit in bed with my laptop and a hot chocolate or tea, super comforting.

What's your evening routine look like?
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