Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Aims

So hi...

So April although lacking in social plans, should be a really good month in terms of personal development and aims. I'll be finishing uni and starting gym and swimming and generally doing a lot day to day. As such a lot of my aims are health and fitness related.

Gyming it with Kate: As I said In my weight post (HERE) I'll be starting the gym that's across from me with my flatmate and I'm aiming to go at least 3 x a week.
Keep a strict budget: Once my third installment of student finance comes through a large portion of it will immediately be put aside to pay for rent and bills throughout summer, because of this I want to be strict with my money so I don't waste money on food or things I don't need.
Slow the Drinking-Try go dry: I've noticed that this Uni year I don't go even a week without drinking and I thought I would try to cut this down a little, To better my spending habits and see the effects of my possible weight loss
Look for a Summer job: Kind of tying in with the budget aim, I'll have a lot of money put aside for rent and bills and not all that much for personal spending, I'd like to do a fair bit in summer including book a tattoo, and that shit needs money! 4 months off also can get really boring honestly.
Start Planning volunteering options:As I'm nearly done with my second year of university I really want to get some volunteering in prisons under my belt to prepare me for after uni.
Complete 5/6 Art Pieces: this one is a kinda regular aim as I want to hit a personal quota of 5 pieces a month.
Start streaming: Watching so many streams has made me want to do it myself with my art work or games, Not expecting to get anything from it, but it's a lot of fun and relaxing.

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