Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March Goals: 2016

So hi...

Damn man, we're already onto the third month of the year, feels like the year has only just started! With university especially it's felt like our assignments have come around just a little too quick!
But anyway, lets try and be positive and set myself some goals for march.
March goals. ft random doodle...

-Start listening to an educational or interesting podcast.
  -I've been looking around at a few podcasts I could try and get into and I want to get into the habit of listening to them in the mornings and on the walks to and from uni, just as a way to stimulate my mind while doing other things and keeping myself informed about the world.
Podcasts I'm looking into:
-TED Talks
-BBC: The Inquiry
-More or Less: Behind the stats.
-It's a Crime: with Margaret Mclean
-Spark London
-Answer me this

-Continue walking to University.
  - I've been pretty good with this to be honest I at least walk to university 3 out of the 4 times I'm in, which I think is pretty good, I'd like to try walk everyday however, at least to uni, walking back however will be a slow process, we'll get there.

-Stay Engaged and up to date with University work.
 -I've been pretty damn good this term with keeping on top of my work, I made a promise to myself to do the extra reading and make sure I do my notes because I'm not doing this course because I was forced, I do enjoy it. It's just like I have the high school mentality of education sucks because that was how everyone acts, when honestly, I love my course, although there are definitely boring parts, on a whole it's enjoyable. I want to keep enjoying & actually put in all I have to my work, because honestly, I don't remember the last time I gave my all.

-Complete 5-10 digital drawings and continue to improve.
  - I'm absolutely loving drawing digitally, with each piece I start or even complete I'm finding new ways to do things and experimenting with my art and how to improve it, it's so enjoyable and I am so inspired to keep creating.

-Find some sort of working sleeping pattern.
  - I've never been great when it comes to sleeping, I'm definitely a night owl by nature (Currently writing this at 5.23am, have yet to sleep) well maybe more an 'AM' Owl. I have always struggled to sleep, but recently it's becoming a whole new board game.
Although previously I wouldn't get to sleep easily, I would still get about 7 hours sleep at least, the last few months, well the whole of 2016 so far I'm lucky to get 4 hours sleep. Now I am someone who doesn't need much sleep, if I sleep too long I tend to feel super groggy and get headaches, but 2/3 hours is a bit too little. So I need to work out the best times and methods to get me into some form of sleeping routine.

-Read (Before bed). 
 - I think this is forever on my goals as I am never quite satisfied with how little I read in my young adult years when I was such an eager reader as a kid who could easily read a decent sized book in a matter of days. I also don't want to read online either, as nice and convenient as laptops and the internet is, I like my pen and paper, I like written up notes and hard copies of books, it's just more appealing to me. So I want to return to the habit of my child hood of reading 5/6 book chapters a night.

Those are all my goals for march, they are all very personal development based and aren't really strictly for the month of march as much as they are goals to achieve and keep achieving at but that's all I'd like for this month.

What are your goals or aims for the month of March?
Let me know down in the comments!

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