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February Favourites: 2016

So hi...

I love how well February favourites just rolls off the tongue don't you?

Anyway, this month has been one of trying new things and really just setting myself up for the year. As I also started blogging again this year it generally made me think about all the beauty and skincare products I have which in turn lead to me experimenting and actually having a decent amount of favourites to share. It's usually the case that I just never have enough different favourites to keep up each month but we'll see how that goes. My favourites this month are a decent mixture of beauty fashion and arty type stuff so here goes.

-Tablet: So my biggest favourite this month (and this year really) has definitely been my WACOM bamboo tablet, I can't believe I ever stopped using it. I think it was because I was 15 or so and didn't really understand the possibilities and didn't have a good program to go with it. It was also around the time that I started to go out a lot more and was basically out the house most of the time. since then it was just sitting in my under bed storage gathering dust. When I started really getting back into drawing and sketching I remembered that I had it and dug it out, and well it's sat comfortably in front of my laptop since.

-Diary: If I keep up using and updating my diary, it'll probably be a favourite every month, because who doesn't like feeling organised and in control of their life? I actually have two diaries, This one photographed is my main one which stays on my desk and I write in each night for my to-do lists and planned outings etc. And I carry one basic diary if my bag if case I need to write something down for a plan or exams at uni or just generally while I'm out. It's been a good month for organization!

-Mist You Madly: This has been a huuge favourite. S&G products are always amazing,  have yet to find a product I didn't really like, and most of them also smell amazing, this product is no different. it's super nice to just spray  a bit in the morning before leaving and it just lingers. I'm not really great at explaining scents but yu can definitely tell it's a soap and glory product and has a bit of a sweet smell, it's starting to get low as well and it's making me so sad.

-#Makeup Bag: This bag was actually a free extra I got in superdrug, I think it was just for spending over a certain amount but I really like it, It's a perfect size and I use it for make up pieces that I want to try or use but aren't really a part of my everyday make-up or it won't fit in my everyday make-up basket. It's also a good size to use for short trips as a travel bag, as such I'll be using this for the make-up I take to Ireland.

-Sleek Storm Palette: This is a re-find. I bought this palette ages ago after seeing a lot about how good sleek was for their eye shadows, when I bought it I used it almost daily, but as I also bought the naked palettes and have just generally increased my palette collection, this beauty got buried a little bit sadly. Since I have been making an effort to look through my make-up and skincare collection more often however I found this palette again and it's sat in my daily make-up basket, which I think is where it will stay for a few weeks yet.

-Nars Satin lip pencil in Majella: Another re-find. I actually wasn't keen on this when I first bought it. I got it from paris, exactly about a year ago now and I think I expected it to be some miracle product as it was and still is my first and only NARS product, But finding it and trying it again, it is a very good product and feels nice on my lips, I've been having trouble with lipsticks in general recently and just not liking the way any lipstick looks or applies but this was different and has slowly helped me regain my lipstick confidence.

-Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner 24h: I had recently run out of eyeliner pen. Well not run out as such but the current eye liner I was using was actually starting to dry out and getting really annoying to apply smoothly and with precision, so I Thought I would get the gel liner back out again. I'm pretty decent with gel liner, I don't have many problems getting a sharp line, I've practised so much generally in applying eyeliner that I like to think it's one of my strong points. Despite this, eyeliner pen is still usually my go to, it's just the easiest and quickest option, but I do prefer the colour and smoothness of gel, so I'm keeping with this for now, at least till I find a new liner I haven't tried yet to experiment with.

-: New look Scarf; Now I have recently written a post about this scarf which you can read and look at here.
Those are all my favourites for February, We'll see how March goes for favourites, you'll see more favourites posts for as long as I'm not super boring and changing up and trying new (or old) things.

What has been your favourite products or moment in February?
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