Monday, 22 February 2016

The All Purpose Boots.

So hi...

When I was writing up my winter scarf post ( here) I realised that I had also got myself some winter boots, well actually I hadn't actually bought for winter, but my favourite weather ready ankle boots were starting to fall apart and I thought it was about time to get myself some new boots, and making them winter appropriate would be best.

So I went looking around town for a bit for some new boots but I really wasn't too bothered about what they looked like, I just wanted some decent, not too expensive shoes as I really should have been saving for my holiday rather than spending ( at least that's what I'm trying to do). I walked into shoe zone as they had a few for sale signs but nothing on sale was really catching my eyes as nice but long lasting. then I spotted these, They aren't super pretty or anything, and look pretty much like a workman's boots, but honestly I really like them, they keep my feet warm and are perfect in the rain or really cold weather
I think I picked these up for about £18.99, which is a pretty decent size, I've found my favourite way to wear them is with some warm tights and socks with a skirt or some shorts and a comfy baggy top, They just add a cool little bit of edginess to an outfit which I'm a great fan of. I basically wear all of these boots all the time now since the weather has been so cold and it just can't decide whether to rain or not in a day, and I don't feel like risking my other shoes. So these are pretty much my 'Winter Boots'

Do you have any heavy duty weather ready shoes you love? 
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