Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Positivity Journal

So hi...

Positivity is a big thing for me the last few months, trying to make my outlook on life more positive in all aspects of my life has been a long process for the last few months. I have a habit of getting down really quickly, it's not something I do on purpose but I tend to be quite sarcastic and sarky and it often seems like there is no much awful situations happening in the world, all this just makes it hard for me to sometimes see the nicer gestures and events in like. It's why my blog is called 'It's about the little things' as a personal reminder to myself as there's a lot of good in the world to and that I should learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

So recently while I was buying notebooks and things for my uni lectures I was able to get a spare notebook as apart of a two for one deal, but I didn't really need it for anything and wasn't sure what to use it for.

Then the idea came to me to use it to note down favourite moments each month and plans to look forward to, as well as lists of my favourite things such as songs and quotes. And I thought to call it my Positivity journal. It's a little book that I can add to whenever something pops to mind, and to look back at and enjoy whenever I'm feeling a little bit down and the negativity of the world is feeling a little too much.

It's a decently big book which I've given each month every other page, with little lists in between and after a page for 2016 top memories and then bigger lists like 100 thing that make me happy and 101 favourite songs etc.

I'd definitely recommend having a place to just wrote down the small positive and happier moments in life.
Any lists you'd recommend for me? how do you stay positive?
Let me know down in the comments!

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