Tuesday, 9 February 2016

NEXT Lingerie.

So hi...

Now before Christmas I was invited to an event by Next to have a look around their Lingerie range and enjoy a few nibbles, but as I began my break shortly after I never got round to raving about my time there for you all, but when don't you need lingerie right? Because I know I'm always wanting more. The event itself was held inside the lingerie section of the NEXT Store inside the Bullring, Birmingham. It's really tucked away in the corner which is a shame as it looks gorgeous and everything is very well presented.

We were allowed to wander around and have a little look at the pieces and I have to say, everything was so fancy and pretty looking, my favourite pieces were the bralet bra's and the corset style pieces, absolutely gorgeous, After snapping up a few photos the NEXT team told us a little about their ranges, with which each style of bra has it's own name, meaning you can easily remember which style you love most or suits you as it has it's own name. They also told us about their bra fitting service they offer which I didn't know about. You can go into NEXT and get your size told, Which we all did, I was surprised to find my size was different to what I thought!
They also do this size fitting without you needing to have your baps out, But by letting the team member have a look at your current bra on, and they then make suggestions on what size you are.
I found it very interesting when they told us that we should really be getting our bra size checked often as our size can constantly change, I'm one of those people that assumed as long as I wasn't drastically losing or gaining weight that my bra size would be the same.

There was a table of nibbles and drinks available and also this little table set up by Savvy Beauty who were giving us bloggers a lovely hand massage, which was a nice touch. I got one at the beginning of the event and it left my hands feeling super soft and smooth.

 Please excuse the chipped nail varnish... shameful.

We were all allowed to take home a set of NEXT lingerie, I chose 'Holly' In a pale blue colour and then bought myself this gorgeous 'Lizzie' Bra with matching underwear as well.

The pieces are both super pretty and comfortable and with them both being in my correct size I found that my boobs looked so much better even under plain t-shirts and I felt much more comfortable and relaxed.

Have you ever an a nosy a NEXT Lingerie, What's your style?
Let me know down in the comments!

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