Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I went Blonde... Kinda.

So hi...

If you follow me over on twitter or Instagram then this is old news for you but, around the end of October last year I went blonde, kinda. I was planning to go silver and so started the bleaching process and it ended up as a blonde to gingery light brown ombre. My roots were super light blonde and then faded quite nicely down. Rather than continuing the process to silver  decided to keep it like that for a while as I didn't want to completely ruin my hair and really loved the look it gave. There's a few photos
 <- Before. After ->

 And then after a little haircut it looked like this:

Now that we're a few months down the line from then my roots have grown out in full force so now It's a dark brown to blonde to gingery brown. but I'm still loving the feel of it.
I still have some toner and some remaining bleach to use if my hair started to go super ugly yellow but for the next few months, I be digging it. That saying there's no promises that I won't have gone silver by the end of the year, because man oh man. Silver hair looks too damn cool.

Have you had any drastic hair changes recently?
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Much love guys!

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