Thursday, 11 February 2016

Little Decor.

So hi...

I love decorating my room, as we have our own flat rented out and are not staying in student accommodation my and my flatmates have a lot of freedom with how we chose to decorate the flat, My favourite was buying Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree and putting that up together. But I also love decorating my bedroom. I have a few things up on the walls but I still have to be careful about leaving marks and such. With this in mind it's great to have little trinkets and desk decor to spruce up the room and my space.
I have amassed quite a few little bits for my room, some of which I've shown before but I thought I would show of the 3 or 4 new pieces I have on my desk and room just to show of my personality and make the place look nice.

 So First is a Memo White board which I picked up from B&M for about £3?
I've got it put up on my wall and as you can see I use it for reminders about nearly everything. My exam dates, important future plans, my daily to do list and my art work to complete. It fits quite a lot on and has magnets to stick up little memo notes to it. Super useful and it brightens up my wall a little. It stops me wasting paper writing random little notes and lists that I end up losing immediately.

I also have this little groot in a pot I picked up from a comic store in bedford that hangs onto my speakers. It cost me around £5 but I really love having it there and it's quite quirky looking chilling on my speaker wires It's a little of my dork side on display and I love it.

This little white owl decoration was only £1 would you believe! from poundland and it's super cute on my desk. It's quite light weight and hollow inside but it looks super clean and neat, definitely not like its only £1 at all and the little eye detailing is sweet as well.

This red little house was bought just before christmas and Is definitely meant to be a Xmas Dec but I love it and it was only £1.50 from morrisons. It's a little tealight holder so it looks even nicer in the evening with a yankee tealight illuminating through the house detailings

Another B&M purchase are my last two bedroom decorations. One of which is this little heart shaped clock, It was around £5 and I got it as I was often relying on my phone to tell the time and some mornings when I phone was dead I would panic to turn my laptop on to know the time, which all in all felt a little pathetic.
So I thought I'd get a little clock, This one has an alarm clock feature as well which is useful. I also find the little ticking sound of a clock super relaxing and really helpful when I'm over thinking in bed as it lets me relax and focus on the sound rather than the bad thoughts.

The last and most recently bought item, once again from B&M in this pink storage box, I can't think of what sort of pattern this is but I love it, This was another £1 purchase and it helped to clear up my daily make-up choices, as they tended to be a bit all over the place, especially the bigger pieces like my circular powder and bronzer, Now they sit all nicely together in this box and are still just as easy to use and get to.

And those are all of my new-ish, most recent decorations to spruce and tidy up my room. B&M is definitely a big player in cheap cute decorations. It's also a great place for a student in general as it sells a load of house stuff and food actually. Heaven,

Any Decor bit's that make your bedroom feel more homely?
Let me know down in the comments!

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